12 Lessons I Learned After Creating Over 20 Digital Products

12 Lessons I Learned After Creating Over 20 Digital Products

12 Lessons I Learned After Creating Over 20 Digital Products

What do you get when you take a college basketball player who needs a way to earn a living without corporate job skills?

I don’t know, but what I do know is this was my situation several years ago as a college student.

Luckily for me I discovered digital marketing and began earning online, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

Fast forward to today and I’ve created more than 20+ digital products, have built an international customer base that spans across 12 countries worldwide, I co-created a physical beverage product called Banana Wave Bananamilk that sells in stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, and many others around the planet.

Enough about me, because you’re here to get the sauce so you can spread it in your recipe for success – I get it.

So, let’s get to it then.

Here are the 12 things that I’ve learned in my experience with creating more than 20+ digital products online.

12 Things I Learned After Creating 20+ Digital Products
12 Things I Learned After Creating 20+ Digital Products

1 Find out what people want, package it, and then share it with them

The best thing you can do to see what the market wants is to ask them, or survey them.

Ask them what problems are they suffering from, or ask them if they are still trying to solve XYZ challenge.

This will give you some data that will help you determine what is a problem people have, and are they still looking to solve it.

When your audience tells you what they want, you then proceed to create a solution for them because you know this is what they want.

In my experience this is one of the most simple yet proven ways to create products because you aren’t not guessing, instead you are hearing it directly from the people who are willing to pay for a solution.

2 Focus on solving an evergreen life or business problem

There are 3 primary ever green niches that will always require solutions to the on-going problems people experience in these areas.

Those areas are ‘wealth, health, love’ – and there will always be a demand in these ever green niches.

Feel free to choose another niche that is relevant to your business, however it’s important to ensure that you choose a market that is evergreen and growing.

You want long term sales to keep coming in long after you set up your digital products and assets.

3 Don’t spend too much time on something that doesn’t provide you with returns

Just because you are passionate about this thing doesn’t mean you should focus your attention on it, especially if it’s not making you any return on investment.

The best thing you can do is find out what people want, put it in front of them – and let them decide to buy it.

Shift your mindset to see yourself as someone who is sharing solutions to problems, rather than someone who is trying to force a sale to happen.

When you are forcing your products and services onto people just to get business, and still not getting any business… then it might be time to reconsider.

I always find that it’s best to stay in flow with what you know, and in flow with what resonates with you.

Staying in flow allows great things to happen on our journey to success, if you believe it.

4 Find a coach or a mentor to help you get your products out there effectively

No man or woman is an island, meaning no one can do it all alone.

Someone we all need some help on journey to success, and a coach or mentor is one of the best people to turn to for that help you’re after.

And the truth is that one is going to make many mistakes along the way to creating products online.

But you see, many of those mistakes can be avoided with the right mentor or coach – and this saves you hours, weeks, months, and in most cases years of time as compared to what it would take to be successful without a coach or mentor.

However, my career completely changed when I began to work with different coaches in the product development, business development, personal development, and digital marketing areas.

The value of a coach is that they have the experience of how to do what it is you’re aspiring to do, at least they should have the experience of what you’re looking to have.

I always focus my thoughts on working with a coach who’s got the experience, they have the knowledge, and they know how to help one get things done.

I recommend adopting a similar way of thinking to protect yourself and ensure that you work with the right coach.

5 Always take care of your customers, and they will take care of you

Your customers are the livelihood of your business.

Without them, frankly nothing happens in a business.

A business without customers is like a car with no gas, it’s not going to go anywhere.

When you focus not taking care of your customers and do it intently, then they will feel it – and it will make a difference in their experience with you.

Do this right, and you can turn those one-time customers into lifelong customers.

6 Let the market determine how much they are willing to pay

A lot of people are afraid to charge more, because they are afraid that no one will buy from them.

I can understand the anxiety here, but I also know that it’s not wise to let fear hold you back in life or in business.

The truth is that you should always focus on increasing your prices until people are no longer buying your product or service.

Then once people stop buying, go back to the sweet spot where they were buying, and spend all of your time sharing your solutions with the world.

I personally focus on increasing the prices of any new product incrementally as I gather better feedback, data, results, and testimonials over time.

This has been a safe way to beta-test a new product and find out if it has commercial viability.

If the product does prove to be commercially viable…

Then I’ll roll it out in beta-mode – enroll a few customers, gather feedback, find out how much think it’s worth, then how much people would pay, and finally I find out will they pay the premium?

7 There is a customer at every level, have products that meet them at their level

There is always a customer spending at different levels in the marketplace.

The best thing one can do is tailor their pricing strategy so that they can meet different customers at different levels of their business.

In the end, you want to have something for customer to enter into your business world and then something for the advanced people who are ready to spend big with you.

This requires taking time to think, plan, and strategize all the way to the end.

8 Deliver what your customers need and a little bit extra

When your customer buys your product, they believe in their mind that what they are buying is more valuable than the money that they parted ways with.

Truth be told, they also believe that they will get a certain pleasure or specific outcome when they buy your product.

Imagine what would happen when they buy your product, open it up only to find that you’ve delivered something even more awesome to them?

They will absolutely love it, and hopefully they will praise your brand from the mountain tops!

Keep in mind that whatever product you are offering, you are not selling the features of the product – but you are in fact selling the end result that people are after.

For example, when they a gym membership – they are not buying access to the fitness equipment, they are buying a healthier or a sexier body.

Focus on the end benefit a person will get, and then when they get there provide them with the next thing they’ll need at that level.

Most cases they didn’t know that they needed this additional benefit, but it will set you apart and make you someone who overdelivers.

9 A buyer will buy and buy and buy because they are buyer

When a person has enough trust to take cash/credit out of their wallet and make a buying decision with you, that means that if you deliver a good solution to them – then they are willing to do it again in some capacity.

One thing I’ve learned after creating more than 20 digital products is that when a person buys from you once, the chances are very likely that they will buy and buy and buy again from you . . . if you do it right.

Over the years I’ve looked through our product sales, and I’ve found that we have a lot of customers are repeat customers.

I credit this to the fact that we create quality products, solve real life and business problems, and we take care of our customers.

Let’s shift the focus back to the point here…

When you get new customers, take care of those customers because when you do provide new products, services, and solutions for your buyers – then chances are very high that those people will buy and buy and buy again from you.

10 Your knowledge, information, and life experience has value that you can charge for

The life lessons, the knowledge you acquired, the experiences you’ve survived . . . all of those things are valuable for someone else who is about to go through those experiences for the first time.

You see, I’ve learned in life that many times what we really need is someone or something to share guidance on how they did a certain thing so we can do it too.

This insight helps us to save time, frustration, pain, money, and energy by learning from someone else’s experience.

It’s true that in life you can learn from experience of your own, or the experience of someone else – I’d advise the latter.

And in this case, it can be a good lucrative strategy to be the person who shares their experiences to help others and in exchange being in position to earn more by sharing proven experiences with others.

This can be done by writing a book, writing a report, creating a magazine, offering an online course, doing a mastersession, and so much more.

There tons of ideas here, but the point is that you can charge what you’re worth for what you know.

11 You only need one good product to start winning

A lot of people thing that in order to make it big that you need many many products in order to win.

This is not necessarily the case.

You see, all it takes is one good product with a thoroughly built out sales funnel with multiple offers in order to truly start winning in this online business arena.

Now this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t focus on creating as many products as they please…

However, I’ve found that around 80% of the success I’ve had online, after creating over 20 digital products, has come from selling 1 high ticket product and brand – it’s called High Ticket Freedom.

Do away with the thought that you need a lot of products to win, in fact by focusing on 1 product one puts themselves in position to really win because where energy goes attention flows.

And it’s much simpler to just create 1 product and sell it over and over, than it is to create 10 new products per year.

If I can boil it down to something simple, then I’d say focus on one product, for one year, utilizing one traffic source, everyday work towards one vision, and everyday focus on one love within – and then see what happens.

12 You have the power to create the reality you want

It’s true that we human beings have incredible abilities and capacity to create freely, openly, and lovingly from our hearts to help others.

We also have the ability to create selfishly, egotistically, and for the greedy little benefit for ourselves without thinking of others.

Either way we have the choice on what we want to create in every single moment of our lives.

I believe it’s important to first gain clarity on what you want your life, or business to look like – and then begin creating products, courses, books, and solutions for people based on the love in your heart.

At the end of the day, online business is mainly a transfer of information, a product, or a service – what will live on after the transaction will be the experience of how people felt doing business with you.

I say self-manufacture/create that experience it before your next customer comes in the door, and the best way to do that is to create a great quality product that solves a problem and comes from the heart.

Unless you’re a giant company already earning 10’s of millions of dollars, then this advice does not apply to you… but if you’re in business at the 5 or 6 figure level and want to grow, or you’re new to this information, then I believe that this information can benefit you.

So, I say this to you… create from your heart, create the life you dream, create the product with passion, and most importantly create your life from the inside out.

Those are my 12 lessons that I learned after creating more than 20 of my own digital products.

If you found some good value in this article, then please let me know – what are the top 2 lessons that you learned from this article here?

I’d love to hear your feedback below.

And if this truly resonated with you, then please share this article with your friends or family on social media or with someone who deserves to read this information.

Thanks again for tuning in.

And remember, whatever products you create – only create it if your heart is fully in it.

See you again somewhere on these inner-nets.

Life and business consultant,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. Creating products is not as difficult as you think. In fact it’s a lot of fun when you figure it out, and focus on sharing your solutions with the world. I’d advise to review the important points in this article, and apply what resonates the most with you.

P.S.S. If you would like to learn more and get detail help with creating your own products, services, courses, books, and more then I recommend joining me here for this free training.

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